People of Vračar

Run and fight

Our famous marathon runner from Vračar Vojislav Ćurulić was born in 1953. Voja (as he is known) is a true hero of our time because after a terrible accident ,and numerous operations , he managed to overcome all of life’s hardships by being dedicated to sport and healthy living. For thirty years he stuck  with his program “10,000 steps each day,” which prompted him to , in an amazing way , tackle marathon running.
Vojin’s results are indisputable. In November 2013, he ran his hundredth  marathon, and his personal best is 3:24:51. Until today he participated in marathons in many countries around the world – Serbia, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Albania, Greece, Turkey …
We are proud of his successes  and wish him many more victories in the future!